Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wanted: cheap, charming, cool new digs!

On a serious note girls I want to illuminate many innocent and naive interns in the city of New York on a very important lesson: apartment hunting in the Big Apple. Having recently found myself solo in my UES digs, given that el novio has gone off to pursue his MBA...I am currently searching for a smaller (less expensive) space.

Size...well it's not quite an issue...I simply say a 'smaller' space, since I can't afford my 'current' space or a 'bigger' space!! Price...aha, that's the issue! Currently a low-range paid intern (yes...oh yes I have formulated a pay-scale for interns! The name Eternal Intern does serve a purpose no?), I can no longer afford my "between Madison and Park" empire...Yes, even ever since "daddy Warbucks" stepped back in the picture, I feel I must downscale a little to reflect my current intern pay-check (and respect him!!)

So the search, and the battle, begins...See, finding an apartment in NYC is not quite simple...and it's not just an affair of money! Finding an apt in this city is a matter of dedication, determination and sometimes chance and coincidence...

Craigslist: the bible
A cell phone and mobility at any given time: a blessing
Determination and a metropass: the key
A solid dossier: the holy grail

I am serious, these are the 4 keys to getting an apt in this crazy city...the last being the essential one!

In the past 2 weeks I have seen far too many apts...some big, some small, some old, others new, from Madison to Rivington, back to 14th and then Columbus...these 2 last weeks I have seen NY up and down! What is madening, however, is finally finding "the one" (apt I mean) and getting snubbed!! Ah, I fell on "the one" just last Wednesday, was basically promised all would be ok, and today I find out: NO, "the one" has been leased out to someone else!

How madening, how frustrating! Luckily I'm not out in the cold...I have a place of my own...but with the pressure of this low-paid intern salary I'm receiving weighing on my shoulders...I know that sooner than later, my UES, 1 bedroom, full kitchen, living room digs, will need to be replaced by something more...shall we say...normal!

Ahhhh...I'll keep you posted! In the meantime BISOUS! Flora xoxo

ps - O. I have a friend looking for an apt in Paris at the moment...preferably 6th...on rue, not cour...full you know of anywhere she could stay?

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