Saturday, January 23, 2010

Round and Round I go...

I am so tired I can barely think straight!  I miss you ladies like crazy and I can't wait to have a proper catch up!

Ophelia, since you have some time... I suggest you come and visit your dear Rose on the west coast and I will show you everything that Hollywood has to offer!

Ladies, I have been running around this week and I even went on my first work related travel!  I assisted my producer for a couple of days in the beautiful Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.  The flight was the perfect preview to the couple of days we spent there.  He sat comfortably in first class, while I struggled to get some shut eye in between two heavier women!  I basically drove him to all his meetings, lunches, press interviews, etc... But... I met an impressive number of people to add to my rolodex!  I am eternally grateful that I decided to be an eternal intern and got to experience such a memorable opportunity... an opportunity that most interns only dream of!

Today, I am struggling to wrap up at the office right now.  It is about 10:00pm and I have another 15 minutes until I can call it a night! I have to be back bright and early tomorrow... Saturday, but I am going to make up for it by sleeping all day on Sunday!

I wish you the sweetest dreams and will write more coherently when I am better rested.

Call me!

xxx Rose

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  1. oh i know exactly how you feel! i am sure you will find the one that is meant to be and then you will realize why you didn't get the other one! the world works in mysterious ways.
    lots of love
    xxx rose



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