Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eternal Intern Exhaustion

Ophelia! Panty by post is exactly what I need at the no fear not...not for any romantic endeavour! Instead, it seems like the perfect time-saving tool for me at the moment! I barely have any time these days to take my clothes to the wash & fold...sounds crazy, but 'tis true!
This internship is feeling more and more like a full-time job, and let me tell you: I'm LOVING IT! Ok, so I have less time for laundry...less time for long, soaking baths...less time to sleep...and clearly less time to buy the perfect undergarments ;) I'm tired! Exhausted! At the moment, however, I don't care!

My boss has been handing me over much responsibility. I could stay at work until 10 tonight. And, get this: I've been picked to help her in the organization and promotion of the most sensational event! It will be taking place soon, and Ophelia get ready...I'm coming back to Paris!!! Yes my dear friend, it's true. Despite the fact it will be a short (3-day) trip, it will be grand!

We're gonna be throwing an event for the retirement party of a certain C.R....Not just any retirement party...A certain JPG has personnaly contacted us, and asked us to let him help us throw this party...Yes, you guessed in..........................hmmmm you guess...

See, this C.R, is not just any lady. She has worked for X for over 30 years. She knows the A to Z of the industry...from Karl, to Sonia, to Christian and JPG...she knows them all, calls them by their first names and yes my friends...she gets a retirement party thrown by them in Paris! Quelle vie!

In honour of this - and respecting JPG's wishes - a party will be held, and...there are two of us organizing it: Sofia et moi! Un reve, a dream, un sueno...

Much work is ahead my friends. We've been working around the clock...but with such a wonderful project to work on, the hours fly by. I am eternally exhausted right now, but I LOVE what I'm doing! Eternal Interning can be tough, but it can also be fabulous! Ophelia, as soon as I have my ticket I'll let you know! I can't wait to see you!!

I must jet girls, but I miss you!

An exhuasted eternal intern....Flora xoxo


  1. Please tell me CR isn't Carine Roitfeld...

  2. JPG has my favorite scent for men..... officially jealous!
    xxx rose

  3. Lucie, not quite Carine...but very close indeed;) If she were retiring...I think there'd be some kind of scoop dans les news!
    bisous! Flora xoxo

  4. It would have been great if you had the scoop in that one though, wouldn't it?



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