Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander The Great

Hello Eternal Interns,
As you know, the fashion world is reeling from the sudden and tragic death of Enfant Terrible/Shit-disturber/Resident Bad boy, Alexander McQueen.  Whether you loved his work or hated it (I was not a fan of Fall 2009!), he was behind what Tim Blanks called some of "the most beautiful and shocking moments in the history of fashion."  I was going to post about some of the beautiful things I saw while window-shopping today, but decided instead to pay tribute to one of fashion's brightest stars. What a tragic day in the fashion community and a sad start to New York Fashion Week.    x Ophelia


  1. Beautiful post, very appropriate. Great tribute! Have a lovely weekend, xx

  2. Great post. What a shame. His work is fabulous.

  3. A devastating loss not only to the fashion community, but to the world. A great talent of our generation. xoxo, B



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