Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr Postman, Je t'aime!

Hello girls,
One of the greatest things about being sans job/internship is that I have all the time in the world to focus on the things that would otherwise be reserved for the weekend.  Yesterday I got a mani-pedi and a haircut (nothing too drastic!) and today I am perusing bridal magazines!  Fear not, this Eternal Intern is not taking the plunge, but I have a dear friend on the other side of the world who is and as her maid of honor, I am assisting in any way I can!  I can't even being to tell you how difficult it is to lend a helping hand when I am in Paris and she is in Victoria, British Columbia.  Our phone dates are few and far between (9 hour time difference!), but at least once a week I tear out pages from bridal magazines and send them to her with little notes in the margins.  Sure, we could correspond by email, but she is planning a wedding for goodness sakes and there is still something so romantic about receiving something by post!

Speaking of La Poste, I was recently introduced to Panty by Post by a very in-the-know Canadian friend.  I really don't know how dear L. works a full-time job and is still au courant to all things chic, but she is always one step ahead!  Anyway, Panty by Post is a panty of the month club!  How genius is that?  You subscribe online and each month a pretty pair of french panties arrives at your door!  Très cool!

Since I live in the land of french panties and have an already overflowing top drawer, I decided to sign up the bride-to-be as a special little wedding-countdown!  Imagine, receiving lingerie each month as a countdown to your wedding?  Fabulous!  Anyway, since I am such a lover of the post, this really did seem like the most fab gift I could give.... I just wish I could be there to see the look on her face when the pretty little package arrives in the mail!

Back to bridal mags I go!  And no, I haven't applied to a single job today! It's my jour de repos!  haha!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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