Monday, February 22, 2010

Butterfly Island

My dearest girls, 
I am sorry to have disappeared for so many days, but I promise you'll be surprised to hear that I am writing from.... Guadeloupe!   As you know, Guadeloupe is in fact still part of France (an overseas department, to be exact) so the trip was not as elaborate and extravagant as one would have thought.  Making my trip more amazing is the fact that I am staying with a lovely couple, Catalina and Carlton who have been insisting for months that I visit them on "the most beautifully shaped island of the West Indies".  

In a "what a small world" twist of luck, my friend Catalina (we did ballet together as children) met my friend Carlton (who was on exchange at our university) and they instantly fell for each other.  They tied the knot last summer (I was a bride's maid!) and I promised them that I would visit when they got settled in their home in Bouillante, on the Basse-Terre of Guadeloupe.  I love them as a couple and I love them separately, so you can imagine it didn't take much to convince me to make the trek!  I have been here a week, and let me tell you, I picked the wrong part of France to live in!  haha!  I leave for Paris tomorrow and as happy as I am that Flora will be arriving soon, it is going to be hard to leave this gorgeous island!  

It is nearly impossible to write when the beauty of the island speaks for itself, so I'll show you a few of the amazing things Catalina and Carlton have shown me since I arrived last week..... 

La Grande Anse √† Deshaie, an enormous beach where we had the most incredible barbeque with some of their friends.... 

Le Saut d'Acomat and la Chute du Carbet

La soufri√®re de Guadeloupe

My absolute favorite however was the Ilet Pigeon.  When Carlton used to do when he was a teenager he and his friends would take a small boat out to the ilet where they swam, listened to music, and had a few drinks (naughty naughty!) until sunset.  You know what they say... When in Rome!   It was breathtaking!  

Our trip was super low key, we mostly relaxed by the pool, tanning (I tanned, Catalina burned!), chatting and drinking eau de coco (coconut water), but we did sample the local cuisine at two stellar restaurants... 

Pieds dans l'eau (Feet in the Water), where our feet were literally in the water! 

And Le rocher de Malendure with stunning views of the Ilet Pigeon.  Words cannot describe!  The Langouste was out of this world!  

As I settle back into reality, I have to tell you that this trip was a godsend.  I came to the harsh realization that "fun-employment" isn't really all that much fun and I am not cut out to be a lady who lunches (since nearly all my friends work!).  It has been a very difficult adjustment and I have yet to find something into which I can channel my energy.  As I pack my bags to head back to Paris, I am hopefully leaving some of the emotional baggage I brought with me and will return with a clear head.  

Bisous, x x x Ophelia 

PS.  A huge MERCI for mes chers amis Carlton et Catalina.  Je vous embrasse!  x


  1. by the looks of the breathtaking photographs taken, must have been a wonderful trip!

  2. Ophelia!
    Come back to Guadeloupe anytime :)



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