Friday, May 21, 2010

gLeeked out

Ophelia, it is so difficult and stressful to the find the right apartment on a deadline.  Sorry you are going through a rough time, but just think that in less than a couple of weeks you will be refurnishing and celebrating life without Victoire.  We are here for you to vent away!

Flora, how is the weather in NYC?  I hear it is patio weather?  Have I been informed accurately, and if so have you been taking advantage?  Also, how are things going with the long distance relationship planning?  London is such a beautiful city.... you and I should plan a trip to see your man and then have an Eternal Intern reunion with Ophelia in Paris.

I am going to the Glee concert tonight!  I feel totally ridiculous, but one of the people I had 'work drinks' with recently scored us a couple of free tickets! The Glee phenomenon represents all that is great about the entertainment industry.  The creators found a niche that wasn't being filled, and with creativity and determination have one of the highest rating shows on Fox.
So tonight, I am taking a break from my break for the concert, which is at Universal City.  My date is an assistant at of the largest agencies in LA and I think he works in the talent department but, to be honest, I am not quite sure....

Happy Friday Interns!

xxx Rose


  1. Embarrassed to be a Gleek! Never ... buy the t-shirt, get it signed, and give Sue my regards!!

  2. I wonder if GLEE needs any interns?



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