Sunday, February 21, 2010

Work Drinks

Flora, no worries!  We are all guilty of being MIA lately.  Any chance Ophelia and I can get invites to the exciting party you are planning?  We promise to be on our best behavior!     

This week I did something that is slightly out of character for myself.  Usually, after a 12 hour day at work I cannot wait to get home to my darling P and have a glass of wine and unwind with some pre-recorded television.  This week however, I was invited to work drinks by two assistants that I have been working with a lot lately.  Our bosses have projects that are either in active development, or are already financed and have commenced pre-production.  In the spirit of our Eternal Networking I couldn't refuse!

My first drinks of the week was at a bar at the hotel called Palihouse, which is an adorable little place that, Flora, actually reminds me of trendy, smaller bar that one would find in NYC.  I shall take you the next time you visit ;)  Then on Thursday  night I went out again and this time to a bar that is popular with the LA locals, but completely out of my comfort zone!  It is called the Roger Room and is located in West Hollywood.  It is the perfect place for people that enjoy celebrity sitings, standing around by the bar all night because all the seats get taken up by the early birds, yelling over the music just to be heard, etc...  I mean how are you meant to get to know someone in such an environment?!

Anyways, the meetings were pleasant enough.  The two assistants were extremely bright, and after a couple of beers (Newcastle is always my choice!) to take the edge off... we shared interesting stories about our extremely successful and extremely eccentric bosses! 

I had two work drinks in one week... and I can barely keep my eyes open this weekend!
I know people that book themselves for the entire week solid!
How do they do it?
Call me crazy... but sleeping 5-6 hours a night just doesn't do it for me!  I need 8 to be alert during my work days and to keep up with my boss!
I think I will set a goal for myself... work drinks once a week!  That I can handle!

xxx Rose

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