Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living in the Present...not the Future...nor the Past...


Oh la la les filles, how sorry I am to have been so MIA this week! Between this weekend's mission of renovating my new cocoon of a this week's crazyness at work, I'm happy to finally sit down and send you two some news from the Big Apple!

Yes, crazyness at work!  Unlike you Rose, however I don't want to ask myself what's next! I know it's an inevitable question when one is an Eternal Intern, but things have just been so grand, that I just don't want to stop!

As I mentioned, I'll be jetting to Paris shortly to work on that ultra secret party for a certain someone, who is friends with the Ks, the JPGs, the MJs and the JGs of the world...This week, thus, much of time was spent working hand in hand with Sofia, preparing this 'trop belle soiree'! From the caterer, to the Veuve Cliquot, to the decor, lighting and music...all has to be organized ahead of time, and to the minute! Ophelia, I now understand how much work goes behind you fabulous soirees! And O, before I forget, I'll be heading over in a week's time - prepares toi!!

On top of this soiree - we're going to be taking advantage of our time in Paris to throw a deuxieme soiree in the city of lights to celebrate Paris Fashion week! Can you imagine this?? I'm on top of the moon - not only am I heading back to my dearest Paris...not only will I see you O...but I've got two ultra cool parties, rive droite, to organize!!

This second 'fashionable' soiree, will bring together the creme de la creme of Parisian fashion to inaugurate the start of this legendary week...I'll def keep you two posted on how soiree preps go, but as I said, I'm just on top of the moon!!

Now, you understand why I am not too 'pressee' to think of what's next...I don't want to leave! The thought that this brilliant internship will end in 4 months time, scares me already! I know I don't want to be an Eternal Intern forever, but this internship just feels so right...if only it could turn into Eternal Employment!

Given the industry...the turnover...the girls lined-up to take my place (for a low-pay or even no-pay)...I understand that Eternal Employment at X with Sofia is not likely - at all. Sad, but true...a reality that is, unfortunately, all too often true for interns...

But not too despair...I'm keeping my head up high...perhaps I'll meet my next employer in the City of Lights next week? Hehe, you never know!

Les filles, I must run to a late brunch...Bisous!

Flora xoxo

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