Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Next?

Ophelia, what a coincidence... my boyfriend and I also went to a jazz club last night... It was a beautiful venue atop one of the canyons of Los Angeles.

Friday evening, as I was wrapping up at the office, I saw one of my good friends online and as we chatted,  I told him about my plan to leave my internship after about another month. I explained to him that although I have moved up and am now getting paid, and am essentially the producer's assistant, it is just too stressful to maintain for much longer.  

I have never been motivated in any decision by the fear of what comes next.  I don't consider myself particularly lucky, but I do believe that if one works hard enough at anything you will find the 'what's next'... be it exactly what you imagined or what you end up realizing you actually needed!    In my opinion, the point of internships, and assistant gigs are not to sell your soul to those executives that rule our challenging industries, but rather to get in and get out on a high!  It is to add meat to your resume, and to create the greatest social network imaginable.  
I guess this goes back to the idea of the one... but my friend explained to me how much he admired my courage... and I though to myself (and I am always completely honest with myself) is my fearless attitude towards the 'what's next', simply a defense mechanism?  

No, I don't think it is!  

If I lived in the dread of those two daunting words, I would have never decided to intern and now assist an Oscar nominated producer, because I would have never relocated to Los Angeles!  

So I say be cautious of 'what's next' but don't let it rule your decisions today, because as Virgil states, "Labor Omnia Vincit"... Hard work conquers all!  

I'm off to get through the rest of season 5 of LOST.  Now that would have been a dream job... to have been a production assistant on this series and work alongside JJ Abrams in Hawaii!  

xxx Rose

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