Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phone Crush

Good Morning!

So I just spoke to an extremely handsome A-list actor on the phone and I could feel my cheeks getting rosy!  He called to talk to my boss and although I can't drop any names, let me assure you he looks super sexy on screen and his voice simply melted my heart!

I know numerous A-S-S-Ts that develop phone crushes and flirtations... be it with other assistants or celebrities, agents or managers... whoever!  It is the best kind of excitement and can prove to be quite amusing in numerous situations.  Life would be plenty bland without a little bit of office drama!

xxx Rose


  1. my lips are sealed... he was in a film that is nominated for many academy awards this year... that's all i can say!
    xxx rose

  2. Oh how cool, nothing exciting like that happens at my office!



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