Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eternally Fooled

Rose!! How freakishly horrible!! Look if that's the way those girls are climbing the corporate ladder, good for them...but I'd rather use the 'merit' way up!

As for me chicas, I'm still a little perplexed by this new transatlantic situation...I've been checking flight tickets to visit el novio this verano in London, and I can't hide the fact that this is really gonna dent my intern budget...Like seriously carve the barely filled bank account!! I've started budgeting a little here and there...thank goodness I don't have AC, at least that's one expense I can make do without!! Yet, it still feels as though this summer is going to be a tough one for this Eternal Intern.

Funny side note though...yes humour is good right now - the novio situation has gotten me a little tense recently!! I had an interview today, for a horrible Eternal Employment position...I knew going in that I wouldn't be the least interested in the job, but I thought that any interview is a good practice session!!

So I get there...I sit down...all dressed up in my usual "interview" attire...The typical meet and greet proceeds, followed by the inevitable "please tell me about yourself...your recent experiences...etc.."...all is good...all is well...we even do a little stint in French, to ensure my language skills are up to par....and then the interview veers off yet again on a topic that seems to perpetually catch me: the salary dance!!

What is funny here, however, is that instead of asking me how much I was expecting, the interviewer asked me, "how much are you making at your current job"...Job??? Full-time position??? I guess he didn'trealize I was STILL an intern!! Actually he clearly didn't realize I was still an intern, as he insisted on the "job" fact....

I sat there, perplexed...with my mind spinning 100 miles an hour...should I make up a salary?? should I tell the truth - but in that case he'll realize I'm an intern and rip my application up?? should I just tell it straight up: I'm an intern??

What I did decide to do was: not to lie...but not to tell the truth either. I let him continue to think I was not an intern...I simply looked at him perturbed and said "I'll have to get back to you..."..WTF???? HAHA??? As soon as the words left my mouth I began to laugh histerically on the inside! The little devil on my left shoulder couldn't stop giggling! I had just dug myself in such a deep hole!! Who doesn't know their salary!! Haha!!

Luckily this gig didn't interest me in the least...Luckily also by accepting to do this interview it prepped me for others....Sure, ethically I shouldn't have accepted an interview I knew very well did not interest me, but at the end of the day, it was great practice and my goodness, what a good laugh! And, honestly, I walked out relatively proud of myself...I clearly fooled the guy into thinking I'm Eternally Employed.............not too bad!

Chicas I must run!

Flora xoxo

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