Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transatlantic Interns...

Rose, I'm so sorry to hear that your replacement was fired! Crazyness over there on the West Coast... Happy to be over here in NYC ;)

That said, right now I don't know how happy I am to be over here on the East Coast...Yes, I know, it sounds contradictory...I am a New York loooover, absolutely love this side of the country and this ab-fab island that is Manhattan, but hear me out and I think you'll understand...

So I've worked my butt off to network, meet/greet, apply etc... to get this ab-fab internship at the X Group...Sofia has been an angel, and luckily, through her and this internship, I've been able to get my visa to stay in NY...

Now, behind every story when a girl begins her tale by saying that she has fought her way to get a visa to work and stay in a particular country/city...there is of course: a boy!!!

Yes, indeed in my case there is also a boy. No, he is not the absolute sole reason I have fought so hard to stay put in NY (face it, I am a New Yorker at heart and will always be!), but let's just say he's a big reason I did ;)

Why the anger then? Why the unhappiness about being on the East Coast at the moment?

Well get this: el querido novio is to soon become an INTERN!! Yes, 'tis crazily true...Given his MBA and 'previous' extensive work experience...I doubt that he will become an "Eternal Intern", but oui les filles...el novio is himself soon embarking on a "summer intern" experience...and all this for LE MBA...

Now, el novio becoming an intern, in itself does not madden me one bit. On the contrary, I find it amusing!
What infuriates me, however, is the geographical location of this "so-called" internship: London, England.
Yes, you heard me right LONDON! As if we weren't far in Manhattan, him a few hours north east at school...

What used to separate us was a train ride or Peter Pan bus ride...What will now separate us is the Atlantic Ocean and a British Airways roundtrip ticket... WTF?!?! How the hell are we gonna afford this?? Me on my intern stipend and him on his MBA debt!!

I'm freaking out already...and he hasn't even yet left!!

Chicas, reassure me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to check plane tickets...JFK direction Heathrow...already!!

Flora xoxo

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