Friday, April 2, 2010

New York, New York

Ophelia! Yipee! So excited to see u! Text me as soon as you get in!

You're going to see - as soon as you arrive, you'll feel as though you had never left! There's something magical about New York! In fact, remember L, my Spanish friend? Well just a few days ago I got a call from her...She was calling from Barcelona...and she wanted to speak! Badly! Apparently she was missing NY...a lot!

L. is a wonderful friend with whom I've spent amazing moments here in NY. She did her undergrad at NYU, then topped her B.A off with an M.A at Columbia and then happily fell into Eternal Employment in the Big Apple...recently though she was offered a position back home in Spain that she just could not resist and headed back...

Despite being back home, being surrounded by childhood friends and familly, speaking her native language again...L spent over an hour lamenting about how much she missed NY. The way she spoke about the city...about her ex-neighborhood....about this island...well, it felt as though she was speaking about a human...a family member...her best friend...

Funny enough, New York often becomes a surreal being for many who taste life within its coasts...New York takes on a life of its own and becomes much more than simply a "hometown" or a "residence"...This Big Apple becomes part of oneself, part of one's persona, character, being.

Once a 'New Yorker', you can never turn back.

L. made me laugh. She reminisced about her weekly Sunday H&H bagel...her Tall-Skim-Chai Latte she would rush to get every morning at Starbucks before stumbling onto the Crosstown bus...spending hours over the weekend perusing the NY Times Weekend Style Section Wedding pages (and dreamin of Mr. Right!)...falling asleep in front of Sarah Gore on the little television that plays over and over again in her favorite yellow taxi-cabs...and the manicures, yes the manicures she would get 2,3...even 4 times a month!

Yes oh yes, NY has so much to offer! Manhattan is the island of endless possibilities...the city that never sleeps...veritably, the greatest place on earth!

Listening to L, did make me laugh, but it also made me realize how lucky I am to live in this city...on this this fabulous place called the Big Apple. Even simply as an Eternal Intern...this is the city of Eternal Opportunities!!!

Ophelia get your but over here! Let's start this weekend properly, in style, in NY!

Kisses...Flora xoxo

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  1. Oh, how I know what your friend is feeling!

    New York does take a life of it's own in one's mind after having lived there, and no other place can compare, ever. I find it harder to leave every time I go back, so I think I'm just going to have to stay away for a good while. Crazy, crazy, beautiful place. No end of possibilities, no end of stories. Gah.



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