Monday, April 5, 2010

Blissfully Full

Well I hope you two enjoyed your reunion in NYC.  Why is it that one of you is always travelling to Paris or NYC? I think you should both make it out to the west coast next time!

Actually, I also had a couple of friends visiting and it is always wonderful to take out-of-towners to experience the unique cuisine that your city has to offer.  Here is a quick overview of my easter weekend feasts.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Neptune's net has such a great variety of fresh seafood and even something as simple as the fish'n'chips will definitely hit the spot.  Then you can walk over and watch all the cute surfers doing their thing ;)

We compared the two best cupcake shops in the city (Sprinkles and Crumbs) which just happen to be down the street from each other in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles icing was definitely more to my liking.  I think that Sprinkles has a simpler selection with higher quality!

Who can forget the bacon dessert that we ate to wash down the delicious oxtail and pig ears at Animal in West Hollywood.  

There is so much more to share, but as I am currently in a food coma I am going to unbutton my pants and lay on the couch for a bit... and if I should fall asleep in front of the television... SO BE IT!

Back to the grind in the morning!

xxx Rose

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