Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ladies Who Power Lunch

Hello my dear girls,
I hope you're both well.  Flora, take me with you on your International Drifting... I need to get away (from Victoire!).  Rose, I'm going to have to side with Flora... Tattoos are far too permanent for my taste.

In other news, guess who is going to be in New York this weekend?  Moi!  I am heading home for the Easter weekend and also on a pseudo-business trip!  Here's the deal...  Victoire and the fashion director were supposed to go to New York together, but V. (always the clever one) has a sketchy on the side styling gig that she accidentally scheduled for this weekend!  Le resultat: Victoire is stuck in Paris and the editor is going without her!  Knowing that I would be in New York (aka not requiring a plane ticket), she asked if I could accompany her to a lunch with her former colleague and fellow editor S.B.  To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll serve any purpose at the lunch, but there is no way I'm turning down this opportunity!

While I'm lunching with ladies who power-lunch, Victoire is surely going to be planning my demise in Paris.  For a woman with as much experience as her, she still makes very rookie (and costly) decisions and has such a chip on her shoulder towards the interns!  What a world it would be if I came back to find that she has been fired and I have been promoted in her place!  A girl can dream!  And until that day, I'll just enjoy my very first faux-business trip to New York and my completely unnecessary-but-oh-so-kind pity lunch with my boss and her friend.  It doesn't take much to make me happy!  haha!

Flora, clear your schedule!  We have lots of shopping and lunching to do!  I hear it's going to be GORGEOUS in the city ce weekend

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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  1. I'm actually in NYC this weekend too! Save some room for a dinner after your power lunch!



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