Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rose With Blossoms?

Dearest Eternal Interns,
I have been daydreaming at work for the last couple of days whilst my boss is out of town.  I wish all work days were like this!  Well, not really because I am a workaholic, but you know what I mean... 

I have already dreamt about my upcoming vacation (whenever that is) and now I have moved on to a more important issue...  I want another tattoo!
I am thinking of getting some cherry blossoms on or near my ribcage.  What do you guys think?  Please let me know... I want/need some feedback!  The temptation is so great in LA, where 80% of the population has a tattoo, or two, or three...

I'm off to read my friend's script now ... so far I love the title! 

xxx Rose


  1. not a fan! to me it doesn't say classy eternal intern. never got the whole tattoo thing, think it's a bit cheap

  2. well i disagree about he cheap comment... but i totally get what you mean about it being classy. that is why i would never get it anywhere that would show in any sort of outfit besides a bikini!



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