Monday, March 29, 2010

Party Like a Rock Star

Hey girls, It's Monday and I am sitting at my desk feeling oh so sorry for myself.  I used to be able to party like a rock star, but I just don't have it in me anymore.  I am still completely and utterly exhausted from the weekend!  So what did I get up to?  It was action-packed to say the least.

On Friday, the boyfriend and I went to check out the Toronto-based band the One Look Donnybrook.  The boys are old friends and in a bizarre twist of luck, they were playing at a bar only a few blocks from my apartment.  The bar was rammed and the band was amazing!  Such a talented group of guys! And don't even get me started on the clothes!  Lead singer Mauro R. was wearing the most incredible vintage jacket!  When they finished their set, we hung by the bar and caught up over a few drinks.  And by "a few" I mean "a few too many"!  Like any good rockers, those boys are a bad influence!  After too many tequila shots to count your good friend Ophelia was looking less Jackie Kennedy and more Courtney Love (OK, maybe not that bad!). 

I awoke on Saturday morning with a tequila-induced headache and a text message from the One Look Donnybrook reminding us that Mauro was celebrating his birthday that night.  I definitely had a moment of hesitation wondering if Old Ophelia could pull off two rock star nights in a row, but as I started to plan my Mick Jagger-inspired outfit in my head, I got more and more pumped.  We arrived at the boys' apartment (they rented out a gorgeous flat with a full balcony and breathtaking views of Paris) and before I could even remove my (leather) jackets, guitarist Erik M. was pouring us glasses of champagne and shots of tequila!  As the night got messier, singer Tyler O.  belted out a few tunes and I even got a quick lesson from drummer Roy B. (I was terrible!)! It was an incredible night of musicians, models and Moet!   At 5am, with smudged black eyeliner, a raspy voice and looking more rock star than ever before,  I staggered home to bed!

What a weekend!  

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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  1. I completely understand! I've gotten to the point where I feel fine all night long and then I wake up and feel like hell. We're getting old, my dear!



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