Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daydreaming and International Drifting

Rose!! You know my opinion!! That tatoo is gonna be there for LIFE!!! I know it's likely more of a west coast thing, but ahhh the thought of being pinched by a little needle hundreds of times for a tatoo (that will be there for life...yes I repeat lol!) just does not appeal to me all that much!! How will you feel when your 50??? Ahhhhh!!! I dunno!! It's a tough one!! I know!

Between tatoo parlours in Hollywood and crazy groupie parties in Paris, my goodness you two are clearly living a 'rock and roll' lifestyle!

I wish I could say the same for myself, but lately, I've been a little more low key! As for my latest encounter with V...I did indeed run into her at work today...but luckily she turned down a hall-way before we crossed paths...

It's not like I can get mad at her, or tell her off...I just want to make her understand, next time, subtely, that she can't take advantage of me (or the other interns!) the way she does..."Respect" is the key word she should try and learn...or, even better..."Treat others as you want to be treated".

Bref les filles...having spent part of Sunday and last night focused on the 'so-called' job search (yes, I'm still on track and focused...) I've gone a little stir-crazy in my studio and am dreaming of an escape... images of Vanuatu, thus come to spirit...

Vanuatu, is a paradisiac series of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean, surrounded by New Zealand, Australia and New Calodonia...not too far from the absolutely mesmerizing Fiji islands...I warn you two, however, it would be impossible to envisage a 'rock and roll' lifestyle there...zen, peace, tranquility and surf is what defines the lifestyle here...

It's also an island my cousin J. calls home. Imagine? Yes, it's true, he lives a paradisiac life...From surfing to ultimate tournaments on the fishing and drinking out of a coconut...J. really has hit the high life!

He's a brilliant boy degree and all, and he has never been confronted with Eternal Interning... that is, because directly, post-diploma, J. decided to escape and head far (far) Vanuatu! He's now set up an amazing gig over there...a coffee plantation!! Managed, run and him! He's definitely hit the Eternal and all the 'proceeds' (hehe) deriving from the sales falling straight into his bank account....ah the life....

Ok, Flora quit dreaming...back to international drifting quite yet....and no you can't yet escape to Vanuatu and set up camp...get a job dammit!!!!!!!


Flora xoxo

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