Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face to Face with the Enemy

Hey girls! I just wanted to say coucou and see how you two are doing! I'm meeting D. at Felix for brunch in a bit...yes, a late brunch! It's been a while since I saw her last, so hopefully I'll have fun tales to regale you with later!!

To answer your question Rose, no, I've never used 'messenger' at work! It must be a west coast thing, because over here, even getting simple access to messenger, facebook, gmail  & co is crazy tough! No luck here!! But, Rose, you didn't update us on your Big Master Plan!! Have you quit yet?? If not, when is the big day?? How are you going to do it?? Excited to hear!!

Et ma chere O! Comment vas-tu toi?? Was it another disco night last evening?? Hehe!!

Yesterday, I ended up working ALL day! Yes you heard me correctly - ALL day! We have had so much work lately, and an event yesterday afternoon. My Saturday, thus, began at 7am on the 6 train to get ASAP to work and head off, yet again to the Hamptons for the day...I'm not going to complain, who would complain about the Hamptons on a Saturday??? But, in my current state of mind (obsessed with finding a job!) I felt guilty being out there and not here, behind my desk, looking for smtg!

Regardless, I did manage to relax and have fun! We organized a brilliant lunch followed by an afternoon cocktail, under a pristine white tent lit by the most gorgeous crystal chandeliers and moroccan inspired lanterns, and decorated with massive bouquets of white hydrangeas...Absolutely breathtaking...

Absolutely breathtaking that is, until out of the corner of my eye (once again) I saw V...yet fellow high school class-mate...who I've never been fond of...and who has funny enough managed to crawl her way through her parents' Rolodex to her friggin-full-time position!

She came straight up to me...fake-air-kiss yet again...And not even a minute later began to give me orders...Yes, you heard me correctly...the 2* year-old little tyke of a tytan, began to give me orders! How dare she!!

Since Sofia was around, however,the reality is that like a puppy answering to its master, I bowed my head and actually followed the so-called-tyrant's orders. I felt humiliated, ashamed, disgraced - but I couldn't let me pride stand in the way of my awesome reputation. Yet again the Eternal Employee triumphs over the Eternal Intern...

Yesterday's antics most definitely confirmed how much of a vilain, that f***ing pain really is. I hadn't seen her around at X Group too much lately, and I really hope I don't run into her Monday morning - disaster could blow ;)

I'm feeling much better today. I didn't want that girl to get me down. Yesterday was a success - so it's better to forget that little pest and focus on the positive...although let me tell you...face to face with the Devil (or V. in this instance...) it's not always that easy!

Ok chicas I must run! D. is waiting! More news to come from work...


Flora xoxo

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