Friday, March 26, 2010

Eternally Messaging

Flora, I am loving your new found focus!  You go girl!  Ophelia, how are things in the world of the fashion magazine?  I want to hear more about what it is you do daily in your new department.    Flora, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful time with your man and even more glad that you guys took some time away from all the B.S. that takes over our lives on a daily basis.  I am looking forward to the day when we can start going on triple dates again!  Ha... probably a man's worst nightmare...

Do you guys use instant messenger in the office? 
Yesterday I realized the extent of which IM has taken over offices in Hollywood!  I literally chat with assistants in all the offices that we work with, in all the offices we don't work with,  and even in our very own office!  I feel like I am always IMing with other assistatnsts and executives. 

It feels very much like something Captain Von Trapp would be proud of.  No calling each others names in the office... simply IMing will do!  What does this say about how our society is evolving?

Sometimes I catch myself saying one thing verbally to the other assistant sitting across from me in our production office so that people can hear, but secretly I am IMing her about how I really feel about a situation and vice versa. 

Does this happen in your offices?  I feel like it is a little out of control...

Would you consider this FAD as a means of making us MORE or LESS social?
On the one hand, I probably would not be able to connect with many of the people I currently chat with on a daily basis if it wasn't for IM.  On the other hand,  how normal is this kind of interaction?  Wouldn't it be healthier if I was forced to make more of an effort?

Also, why does an office space need to be kept so quiet that bosses are reduced to simply IMing with their assistants and no longer need to converse with them!

I often wonder what kind of atmosphere a production office from a few decades earlier would have, and if I would prefer the way things were...  sigh...

xxx Rose

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