Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brains, Beauty and the Boy

Ophelia! Rose! How is your weekend going?! Recovered from St Patrick's Day??

I just got back from an early Sunday petit dejeuner at my favourite little Pain Quotidien! The stroll up Madison was a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning, and the cafe au lait, a perfect wake up call!

A wake up call for 2 things: #1 yes I'm a little tired post weekend festivities...#2 post-weekend I really need to get my act together and start looking for a job...a real job...a paid job!!

I'll explain - basically, el novio decided to stay in town Wednesday night and leave Sunday morning (to finally get some studying done back at school!)...we spent the most wonderful few days together. Thursday night in fact, we went to a little party at good friend's place in Soho.

Her apartment is sublime. The decor flawless, the location outstanding and her views add on to this...she, herself, is brilliant, working in international marketing for a very well known cosmetics group...she is beautifull (classic, stylish...bref parfaite)...and she even has the guy!!

Brains, beauty and the boy! The three essential elements for so many girls...usually you have 2 out of 3...perhaps even 2.5/3...but she's hit a homerun!!

Bref, walking into her glorious 1bed/1bath/loft-style/floor-to-ceiling windows coop, my jaw-droped (as it always does...) ...Seeing her appear in a brand new Malandrino dress, my jaw-sunk again (not a surprise...) ...Finally hearing that she had just been promoted and was throwing this party as a suprise "moving away to flipping Argentina" soiree, I actually almost fainted.

Yes, oh yes...some do seem to have it all. My fabulous friend clearly seems to be flawless... Once again, let's repeat in unison: she's got the brains, the beauty and the boy...

Ok, so I'm not doing too bad for myself either - in my opinion I've got the 3/3 as well...but the one missing ingredient in my homerun hit is the full-time job...or I'll be honest...the full-time job salary...

Seeing her fab decor, her unreal dress, and her eyes light up with dollar signs as she exclamed she had just been promoted and was to be expatriated to Buenos Aires, I realized that this Eternal Intern has got to get her act together ASAP.

As of now, Flora is on a more Eternal more Eternal Negative Bank more shame or sadness at slanky dinner parties!! We're getting ourselves a real real job!! Eternal Job Search is my mission.

I'm off to search now!! My little cafe au lait was indeed the perfet way to 'wake up' this morning!

Bisous les filles!

Flora xoxo

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