Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Eternal Sunday Brunch


It’s a grey morning here in the city…I’m just about to head out to Pain Quotidien for my Sunday brunch! In the meantime, however, I just wanted to say coucou.

Rose, I hope you are well!! No news, good news? I’m sure you’ve had a busy busy weekend!! Did you end up meeting that producer yesterday?

And Ophelia! Tu me manques!! I hope you read my last email…you see, noone can have it all! You are just as ab-fab as your R.!

Ok, this Eternal Intern has to get active…Sunday brunch is my moment of solitary heaven! My moment to reflect on the concluded week and the week that is just about to begin. I usually order my traditional 'oeuf a la coque' with a fresh-squeezed orange juice...and just sit there...reading...thinking...pensive! It's the one time of the week when life stops, and this Eternal Intern has time to meditate.

In my meditation mind this morning:
- work visa!!
- internship excitement!!
- eternal employment worries!!
- next weekend's escape to Las Vegas....

Yes, you heard me week I'm escaping to Las Vegas...totally out of character...totally wild...totally crazy...but what the hell?? I've got some free time before the holidays and before the internship why not live a little?

I've so often been too reserved, one to plan too far ahead, too un-risky! Well, let's try something new...This Eternal Intern is going to venture out of her comfort zone and try something exciting (outside of the UES!). Why you may ask? Well, Eternal Interning and becoming a well-rounded, experienced individual is all about experiencing different adventures, becoming adaptable and open-minded...I'm not saying that eveyone should got to Nevada to become well-rounded, but perhaps this trip out of my comfort zone, will introduce me to a different 'way of life' (haha gambling to earn money!!), a different group of people (the world of cocktail waitresses?! hehe!), a different way of thinking (hmmmm ya no....)...

Different is good! Different is rich! Las Vegas will be an, will I put it on my CV?! But I will definitely take ab-fab pictures that will go in the albums!

Shoot, look at the time, I must run, but I just wanted to see if either of you would be interested in joining me for the E.I. experience in L.V.? Rose? L.A. is not too far away...wanna join?? O., it is crazy to even think of coming from Paris...but there are good deals (haha trying to tempt you!!) and it's almost the holidays (trying again...)...and well we miss you (true reason as to why you should come!)!! Would you be up too?? Let me know, let's speak later!

A toute les filles!! Will write you lates!


F. xoxo
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  1. wow a EI reunion in Vegas? Can I join? LOL

  2. I love Pain Quotidien



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