Friday, December 11, 2009

Skin Deep Perfection

Ophelia! Oh, how I understand your position…I have felt the same way so many times!! Some people just seem to have everything going for them, everything put together, perfection!

I mean look at my dearest, inspirational Sofia! Her confident attitude, her professional success, her impeccable style and perfectly Terracota-ed cheeks…she is the physical personification of perfection! She has everything going for her: smarts, style, success

But, often, such seeming perfection (as in the case of your R. and my S.), is only skin deep. How am I such an expert? Have I suddenly become a psychologist?

Well, I’ve been seeing more of Sofia lately - we had lunch together at Pastis on Tuesday afternoon to begin to speak about the internship, visa issues etc… over a delicious red snapper Carpaccio and a delectable Pouilly Fuisse! As the wine continued flowing the conversation began to shift, ever so slightly, from work permits and media plans to more personal topics…yes…boys

Ever so slightly brushing back a loose strand of her blonde (perfect!) hair, I could tell Sofia had something on her mind…I asked if everything was ok…and then she was off, like a racehorse let loose at Longchamp.

Sitting there at Pastis, in her impeccable Chanel suit, she began going on about broken hearts, failed relationships and her lack of ‘love’.

Apparently, this ever so perfect human being, just isn’t so perfect after all. Behind her high powered business card and her incredible Christian Louboutins, Sofia doesn’t have it all. Success, fame and beauty have taken over this power-lady’s life and heart.

Love is so powerful, love is so important, love cannot be forced and cannot be replaced, and unfortunately for Sofia, she hasn’t yet met the ‘one’ who will transport her heart away from business and towards happiness…

And so, sitting there listening to S., I realized: perhaps we are Eternal Interns, but we are happy; we are content; we have love!!

I do hope she meets her Prince Charming soon…for as The Beattles so perfectly sang back in 1967…“All you need is love”…I’ll keep you guys posted!

I must run now…papers to fill for the internship/visa…yes everything is moving forward! I’m so happy!

Bisous les filles,

Flora xoxo

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  1. I feel like a Sofia - minus the Longchamps mane of perfect hair! Great career, success I suppose although need more $ for style, but alas no love!



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