Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Envious Intern

Hi ladies!

I am home from a coffee date with a lovely girlfriend in town on business and I just had to get in touch to ask your opinion on something.  Here's the back story...

I had coffee with R., a university friend who now lives in London.  I haven't seen her in quite some time, yet in that time, she scored a high power, high paying job, bought an apartment and is this close to getting engaged.  I had a fabulous time catching up with her, but at the end of our quick coffee date, I left feeling so proud of her and so bad for myself!  I remember R. as a crazy, fun-loving party girl who missed most of her classes because she was sleeping off a hangover or shopping at Barneys! I was therefore in awe of the woman sitting across the table from me:  Chic, composed and oh so mature!  I believe she's what the English call suited and booted!

She regaled me with tales of her fancy job, the ups and downs of flat hunting in Notting Hill, the toll her travels (New York- Buenos Aires -Paris) had taken on her perfect skin and flawless hair...  It was fascinating and unbearable all at once!  So my question is this:  Are there girls put on this earth to make us feel bad about ourselves?  R. is one of those girls whose Facebook profile you check out from time to time but ultimately leaves you feeling unaccomplished and inadequate.  You know the girl!  Argh!  So now I am home comparing my adorable apartment to her sprawling flat, my unpaid internship to the job that throws money at her, my split ends to her fresh-out-of-the-salon perfect tresses!  Not good.

Don't get me wrong, I adore R. and I am thrilled for her success, but secretly I couldn't help but wish I had something to share that would make her jealous ! haha!  I will however, take solace in the fact that while she is working overtime this weekend, I'll be doing something fabulous!  Perhaps another weekend trip!  Where to?  I haven't decided yet...  I'll let you know tomorrow!

Gros bisous,


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