Thursday, March 18, 2010

East Meets West

St Patrick's Day!! Nobody celebrates it better than my fellow New Yorkers! Every New Yorker wore at least a snippet of green yesterday...and drank at the very minimum one pint of Guiness - probably even my dearest of dear AA women!! lol!!

It's a funny day, but it can also be quite a turbulent day! Between the parade, the bars, the beer and crowds...let's just say I prefer to take it easy on St. Patty's in NY!!

In fact, that's exactly what I did, mis amigas - I had diner with 4 wonderful friends last night! No, not girlfriends for once...but guy friends!!  My 2 wonderful friends from Pakistan Z and H, and A who had flown straight in from Paris that same day, and surprise surprise el novio who decided to make a little surprise stop in New York (I'm guessing the whole Ivy League, beer keg take on St Patty's scared the little Spaniard off campus for the day...hehe!).

Anyhow, it was such a fun dinner! East meets West is a perfect description of our dinner party (funny enough I had chosen Indochine in Soho as our resto du night!!)! Between the french and Spanish being spoken at one end of the table, the english in between and the rest of us trying to grasp a little Pakistani, it was a medley of cultures, languages and all around glorious, wine-enhanced fun!!

An all-boys dinner was also - actually - quite amusing!! A change from the all-girl atmosphere at X Group...Guys are so much more relaxed!! No prise de tetes!! They speak their mind, and they can often be so much simpler to get along with than the ultra-complicated, incredibly susceptible, outrageously sensitive being that is: la femme!! Ophelia, I know you get my point here....Victoire seems like an all around b***h! You need a few guys in your office space to cool things down there...

Bref, just a little email to say, that yes I had a wonderful St. Patrick's! Not at all the 'usual', 'traditional' beer, no green, no crazy Irish jokes...Just a simple dinner, filled with (a little a lot) wine, laughter and stories from all 4 corners of the world....A perfect evening!

Girls I must run! We're working on an event tonight, so I have to get back into form!!


Flora xoxo

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