Sunday, March 21, 2010

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Flora, there is nothing more refreshing than a new source of inspiration to get you going!  I'm sure you will find the perfect gig soon enough.  I think we are kind of lucky to be new in our respective careers in this economy, because something I have realized is that one can always find a good assistant gig!  What separates us from many other candidates is that we have an extra fresh perspective on life... an E.I. perspective! In fact, I think one of the most exciting parts of looking for a new job/internship is realizing that the world is at your fingertips and there really IS so much out there if you only take the time to devote yourself to the search.  I do agree, however, that we have 3/3... just sounds like your friend might have 3.5/3! 

My weekend has been a bit of a disaster!  I have literally been working 24/7... I don't know what to do about it, because my job position has evolved into one of a personal assistant.. .on call at every moment, but of course my salary has not gone up to compensate.  I am now making slightly more than my initial promotion, but not enough to be working through the weekends! 

I woke up Saturday morning by a phone call from the airport demanding that I make the impossible happen!  It was a complete Entourage/Devil Wears Prada scenario.  I then spent the entire day on the phone explaining to people what it is that I needed to happen... and of course at 2am this Sunday morning he called me to inform me that he was unhappy... and that I better take care of it.  At 5am this morning I had to get on the phone again with some travel agents and get the rest of his itinerary sorted.  The entire thing is a hot mess and I am right in the middle of it!  I never signed up for this.  I am grateful for the experience, but I am definitely being taken advantage of.

Worst of all, my mother was visiting me this week and I barely had the chance to spend some quality time with her, because my boss is constantly on my mind!  I am always thinking of what could possibly f*** up!  

I have been incredibely homesick as well lately.  So I have come to a decision... I am taking a long vacation!  I'm giving my two week notice very soon, because P. and I have saved up enough money now to go on a road trip across the States.  We will do it Motel 6 style and do it on our clock! I couldn't be more excited.

Cities that are on the list so far (in no particular order): Dallas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, NYC!

After that we are also thinking about coming over to Europe for a few weeks!  In all I am thinking about taking 2-3 months off to finish up my script, de-stress, and get into shape!  During this time I will also take my time to find my next gig... but I'm not rushing into anything!

Do you guys think I am crazy?  I think I deserve this!  I need encouragement!

xxx Rose

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