Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Dreamy Escape

Ophelia, how are the birthday preparations coming along?  I hope you are embracing every second of your FUNemployement... how is it treating you thus far?  I am seriously considering taking a couple of months off after this internship and writing another script while I soak in the SoCal sun on the beach!

I have some exciting news, ladies.... my gig has evolved into a PAID internship.  It is still an internship and I only get paid minimum wage, but that is exactly $8/hr more than $0/hr!  Haha... it sounds so pathetic, but it means that the producer is pleased with my work thus far and I couldn't be more pleased!

This weekend I have spent a lot of time daydreaming of successes far into the future... I have my Academy Award acceptance speech almost perfectly written out!  I have also been dreaming of a perfect escape and, Flora... Morocco sounds like heaven... but if I could escape to anywhere in the world (or NOT in this world)  it would be to a fantastical land of an anime!

If I were an anime I would probably have gorgeous PINK hair...
My boyfriend would look almost exactly like this character from the series ULTRAMANIAC (not one of the best anime series)...
and I would lounge all day in my beautiful kimonos!

xxx Rose



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