Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hello lovelies, 
Unlike the other 2/3 of the Eternal Interns who were mature and rational on their big days, I tend to take a more juvenile and Veruca Salt-ish approach to planning and enjoying my special day.  And so today begins the official countdown to... MY BIRTHDAY!  
I have been known to throw ridiculously elaborate theme parties and send out invitations weeks in advance, so why should this birthday be any different?  Well, this year, it is different.  I am turning 2X after all and I feel that a more mature fĂȘte is in order.  The days of Gangsters and Flappers and Trailer Park-themed parties are behind me and instead I am organizing an elegant dinner chez moi followed by a potentially debaucherous night out (I'm not a senior citizen after all!)!  But just because I am older and a tad wiser doesn't mean I don't have a list of birthday wishes....   

Sing a long with me and Veruca Salt... you know how it goes!  

I want a ball
I want a party
Pink macaroons and a million balloons
And performing baboons and ...
Give it to me

Bisous x x x Ophelia 


  1. phantastique! cant wait!

  2. L-O-V-E it!! The pink box with the black ribbon is divine! xo

  3. Lovely! Please check out my new blog entry:

  4. your birthday cake looks like a beautiful wedding cake! mmmm

    xxx rose



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