Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Step by Step

Ophelia! Good for you! You show Victoire who the diva really is!! What a fun-packed weekend it was indeed!

As for you Rose, I think you've got an amazing plan ahead! But my big question is - when are you quitting?? how are you gonna quit?? are you nervous?? Ahhh I would be a little anxious - but honestly going by how you describe your boss, I'm backing you up 100%!

While you two are partying like it's 1972...and soon-to-be-roadtripping like it's 1968...I'm indeed still reflecting on the future and still sticking to my Eternal Employment plan.

I'm tackling this Eternal Employment search, however, a little differently than in the past...I've decided to take the step-by-step approach...and not simply cold-turkey...

Perhaps I should explain...See, this internship at the moment is fabulous. I can't complain. I love my work, my peers, everything! The focus to find a job, thus, is difficult! But I know that I need/want to! It's simply like quitting love it, but you also know you've gotta quit and move forward at some point (quickly!!)...

Ok, the comparison is quite weak...but 'tis true, my search is moving forward bit by bit.

Step 1 - decide to focus on job search (this happened at my dear friend's party...bah humbug...)
Step 2 - gather all necessary documents (CV...this happened Sunday)
Step 3 - update all necessary documents...(My mission of Monday...)
Step 4 - start checking where to send CVs...(I think I started this yesterday..hmmmm)
Step 5 - shoot...I haven't yet gotten to that step...but it's approaching! Tomorrow!

One thing is certain: I'm determined and I know that things will work out this time! They must!

On that I am to do research...yes you heard me right...I'm heading off to complete Step 5 of my step-by-step Eternal Employment regime...

Big Bisous!

Flora xoxo


  1. omg, i just loved your blog girl, i wanna know more about u, so cool

  2. Best of luck (as if you'll need it!) Thank you for your sweet comments! Means a lot coming from you, Flora!



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