Saturday, December 19, 2009

An East Coast Winter Wonderland (reporting from West Coast...)

Ophelia! I am here with Rose in Las Vegas...she's just taking a little nap (little sleep last night!) and I thought I'd say coucou! We miss you dearly, but have been having a wonderful and exciting time here...I even won a little at the penny slots! Hurrah!

Sitting in my room, however, looking out at the Las Vegas Strip and thinking back to the colours and vibrancy of L.A....I realize...I love the West Coast, but I am a little more of an East Coast East Coast Intern in love with East Coast style...pale hues, simple chic and a wonderful winterland of white during the Christmas season...cozy elegance!

But how to stay elegant and cozy on the East Coast during the holidays?

For starters, take a cue from Jackie...her style, her fashion, her everything!! Timeless class...

The most inviting and chic accessory to have on the East Coast during the holiday season is the timeless wreath! Simple, chic and everlasting, the wreath dresses up any home and is a key element of style!

Half-French, the 'art de la table' is also capital for me! And, there is nothing more inviting duing the holiday season than an elegantly set table...the one below is ravishing!

As you know, I am also a big fan of Hermes...and I am particularly fond of their cashmere indispensable accessory of comfort for those cozy weekend nights spent by curled up in front of the fire!

But finally, after one has entered the wreath adorned entrance, savoured 'un delice' at the perfectly set table and cozied up by the fire in a cashmere rich blanket...there is one last element to top off the perfect East Coast cozy winter wonderland night...and it comes from France! A small box of Laduree Macarons to nibble on during the cold winter nights! Absolutely, perfectly, divine!

And so, reporting from the West Coast about an East Coast winter wonderland, I have to say that I've had a brilliant time over on this side of the country! An ab-fab time (stories to tell!), but there is nothing like a white Christmas wonderland of snow from the East Coast...see you tomorrow!

Flora xoxo

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