Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miss Manners

Salut les filles!  
Last night I was out with a couple who could only talk about themselves and their jobs (they work together!)  The woman was particularly bad! As they were blah blah blah-ing about Bob in Accounting and Susan the evil office manager, I started thinking (and I know I have already raised this question), Are good manners a thing of the past?  

When was the last time a gentleman stood up when a woman arrived at the table?  How many times has a door slammed in your face because the person in front of you couldn't be bothered to hold it open?  How much do you dread being cornered by that guy at the party who talks with his mouth full within an inch of your face?  

It seems we have hit a new low when it comes to politeness and yet this problem could be rectified if we all followed 3 very simple rules: 

1.  For every story you tell let someone else respond.  Your stories should also be relevant to the conversation!  NB- A list of people who have tried or are currently trying to sleep with you is never an acceptable topic of conversation! 

2.  Ask people questions about themselves and listen to their answers.  Don't ask a question if you don't plan on listening.  In fact, if you're not willing to listen... Stay home!  

3.  Remember that a conversation is a give and take, an exchange of ideas and information.  Yes, your stories may be interconnected and interesting (to you!), but when strung together they become your life story and unless people are reading your autobiography, chances are they are really not interested!  

The bottom line?  The inability to properly interact with people reflects negatively on you (and your upbringing)  and when word gets around that you're that girl, one day you'll open your social planner and find it completely empty!  

Lots of love to my (polite) interns, 

Bisous Ophelia


  1. ...I slumped in my chair as you walked in, fair Ophelia, too tired to rise to greet you. Oh and sorry about the pate' morsels I spit on you. It was a crowded party and I wanted to be sure you heard my treatise on my girlfriend and my duck hunting business. How's life? Oops, my cab's here. kiss kiss...

  2. here here. excellent read. k.



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