Friday, April 30, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Hello darlings, 

Ma chere Flora, is it terribly selfish that I am secretly hoping you'll spend lots of time in London so we can be closer together?  For as long as I have known you, you have always been oh so resourceful.  If anyone can make it work, it's you, ma belle!

Rose, I've got one thing to say... Hit the road, Jack!  The open road is calling your name!  Tell your boss you've got a road trip to start and let him try to find another Rose.  I guarantee he won't succeed. You're one of a kind!  

As for lil old moi, I had such a lovely mid-week treat that I just had to share with you.  My very dear friend M and her fiance are visiting for two weeks after a trip to see his family in England.  M and I go way back but we hardly see one another because life has put an ocean between us!  In the past few days we have had several marathon catch up sessions over numerous bouteilles de Sancerre.  Luckily, the boyfriend and the fiance get on very well because they are both foodies.  My boyfriend writes a great food blog called The Global Gourmand and M's fiance is best known as The London Chef.  As you can imagine, we have had some incredible meals thanks to the fellas!  

Last night, in my petit kitchen The London Chef and his sous-chef The Global Gourmand hosted a cooking class for me, M and a few lucky Parisian girlfriends.  Let me tell you, girls, the life of an intern can truly be fabulous!  My demonic boss Victoire was out of the office all day on a photo shoot and I returned home to find my counters loaded with fresh produce, delicious wines and two handsome chefs ready to work their magic.  What a day!  

On the menu last night:  

Pan seared diver scallops on cauliflower and vanilla puree, with crisp leeks, beurre noisette foam and a balsamic reduction infused with smoked bacon and garlic

Classic white risotto with arugula

Pan roasted fillets of gilt head sea bream on fennel, sweet onion and lemon zest confit with sauce vierge and herb salad

Swordfish steak charred with black pepper and sea salt on crushed new potatoes with salsa verde and caramelized lemon

A melange of shellfish in a Marseille-inspired spiced cream broth

Bon appetit!

Bisous x x x Ophelia


  1. A beautiful Intern as inspiration makes a handsome chef's job easy!

  2. So lovely to live in a world where eternally unpaid interns and their equally penniless boyfriends can eat as if to the manor born... Leftovers to the serfs?



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