Monday, April 5, 2010

It's The Final Countdown

The earthquake was not in Los Angeles proper, so what I felt was at a much lower magnitude.  The strange part was how long it went on for... but all is fine in La La Land!

What is amazing about that NYT article is that any one of us could have exposed these issues at any point over the last few years.  The question is why do we do it?  Why are we Eternal Interns?  My mother always likes to remind me that if I wanted to, I could go ahead and report these people to labor boards who would probably strike down hard on this illegal situation.  However, as an Eternal Intern, I need to get as much on my resume as possible... so if these internships didn't exist, it would be near impossible to do what we do.  It creates low barriers of entry in industries where the barriers would otherwise be extraordinarily high.  It will be interesting to see what kind of impact this sort of article will actually have.

On a brighter note... I GAVE MY NOTICE!  It is the final countdown.   The break up could not have gone better.  I told him that I am going to be moving on and his response was to tell me what an asset I have been to him and how greatly I will be missed.  I was extremely moved by his kind words and could not have imagined a better ending to this relationship, which is exactly what it has been.  We spent more time together than any normal couple, and being a personal assistant really means that I was integrated into all aspects of his life. The other day, when I picked him up from the airport after another 'business' trip, he was actually so excited to see me waiting for him by the baggage claim.  It has been a surreal ride and I am eternally grateful... and now I have one of the best recommendations one could ever hope to get in Hollywood!  Score!

What is next for me?  Well, first I need to find my replacement, train them, and then I can start planning the details for my cross country ROADTRIP

xxx Rose


  1. just saw your link on the nyt article which i am reading from my...... internship! i've been an intern since 2008: you wanna talk about eternal? i'm a professional intern who's worked for oscar-winning directors -- but what does that matter in getting a job, right?

    can't wait to read the blog!

  2. but just think... if we didn't intern... i would probably be stuck in a cubicle somewhere... and instead now i am living the dream (or at least of a variation of)

    xxx rose



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