Monday, April 5, 2010

NY Times on the Growth of Unpaid Internships

Hey girls!

Rose, I'm happy all is well in L.A - you haven't mentioned anything about the quake. Is all ok? Did you feel anything? After-shocks?? I know - so many questions! But it's not every day that a 7.2 quake hits Southern California... please do send some news!

As for me I just quickly wanted to bring something to your attention. Ophelia is "au courrant" of course, as we read this article together...but Rose, we wanted to share this with you.

Apparently we are not alone in our struggle with "Unpaid", "Unfair" and..."Eternal" Internships...The New York Times recently wrote an article contesting the very 'fairness' and actual 'legality' of "Unpaid Internships".

As 3 Eternal Interns, I do sincerely recommend you take a look at it. It's amazing to have the NY Times react to this. They have in the past as well, but this time this article has really hit a cord...Since the article was published there has been amazing coverage with respect to the legality of so-called "Unpaid Internships".

I definitely think we should stay focused on this issue...who knows, as Eternal Interns ourselves perhaps we can help in some way.

Rose take a look please...Ophelia, give me a call when you're ready for brunch!

In the meantime, I'm going to try to get a little 'job searching' and 'eternal employment hoping' done!

Have a fab Sunday!

Flora xoxo

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