Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unknown Caller

Hey! While you Rose may be having a crazy boss day, and Ophelia deals with a crazy boss herself...I myself do have to say that my boss is not my problem! No, not at all, in fact I love Sofia!

My problem at the moment is this "Eternal Employment" search...Get this, after my bummer "informational interview" at the beginning of the week, Tuesday afternoon I see my phone light up and vibrate...Unknown Caller...

If there's one thing I've learned in the world of 'job searching', 'employment hunting''s that you never, under any circumstance, answer your phone if you (1) do not recognize the number or (2) it's an unknown number. Why? You may ask...for the very simple fact, that the person at the other end of the line could very well be an HR assistant phoning up to "ask you a few questions"...

Low and behold...I was right!! As soon as I checked my "one new message" I smiled and thanked my lucky stars I hadn't answered the call! It was indeed an HR chica....

Now, don't get me wrong...I could have indeed answered the call. I could have very likely answered all her questions brilliantly...but there's just something about being called up and having to basically conduct a phone interview "on the spot", "cold turkey"...and, on top of work!!

So, calmly and collectedly...a few hours later (2 to be exact...) I called back. The ball was back in my court.

I hit every ball...or I mean, answered every question to the best of my ability (hmm...not too bad I have to say)...until...yes, always an until...she asked me what my "salary expectactions" were. I honestly think the lady on the other end of the line heard my "gulp"...I had no idea. I had never really thought up that answer...a salary has always been something I've dreamed of, but never something I had been confronted with...(a big salary that is...).

Gulp after gulp of anxiousness I finally answered..."entry-level", I said...quickly regreting my answer...I should have gone for the millions (said the little devil on my left shoulder hehe!!).

Look, I don't know what will happen next, interviews could start as soon as next week, but I'm not too motivated by this I guess we'll just see!! In any case, any interview is good experience, and I go by the philosophy that one should always accept an can do no harm!!

I'll keep you posted on what happens next chicas!! For now I must jet!

Big bisous!

Flora xoxo


  1. I never answer unknown callers either! I totally agree xxx Rose

  2. couldnt agree more about the phone!

    seriously, someone needs to write a how-to about that salary expectation question! I think they use it to test you!



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