Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sign on the Dotted Line

Hello my dearest girls,
Allow me a moment to vent... Victoire is truly out of her mind.  Today, a fellow intern gave notice that she would be leaving for a paid job.  What did the Princess of Darkness do?  She threw a hissy fit and refused to let the girl go!  On friday, at 4:00, she insisted we sort the closet by designer (fair enough), but then 45 minutes later (after 98% of the clothes were sorted) she changed her mind and wanted it broken down by look!  Today, she arrived with a list of furniture stores and assigned me the task of doing preliminary research on a sofa she is thinking about buying... she wants to know what her options are!  The tyrant is really reveling in the power since her boss is away for a week.  There is no buffer between the victims and their tormentor!  

So again I ask, why would someone take such joy in making others miserable?  It got me thinking about what kind of boss I will be someday.  Having interned for an eternity, I know how awful it can be to toil away at the bottom of the food chain with little to no recognition for your hard work!  So I am drafting a contract with my fictional interns that I vow to respect when I (finally) hold a position of power.  Please, if ever you see me abusing someone below me, send me this contract and bring me back down to reality.

Ophelia's Charter of Intern Rights and Freedoms

Interns shall:
1. Be free to take coffee, cigarette, fresh air breaks whenever they need them

2. Leave early on Fridays and/or on days when there is nothing to do around the office

3. Take an hour for lunch without having to run personal errands for bosses during that time. 

4. Be paid for their hard work (if monetary compensation is minimal, it shall be supplemented by samples, party invitations, fashion week passes or other perks that are readily available to editors

5. Be at the top of the list for free passes, samples, etc that the editors are giving away.  Editors shall never overlook their interns when trying to empty the beauty closet.

6. Be treated with respect and their opinions shall be acknowledged and taken into consideration

7. Be free to take days off to handle personal business such as doctors appts, job interviews, etc.  Interns will never have to provide a doctor's note or receipt proving their whereabouts (That's just insane!)

8. Never photocopy, walk dogs, get coffee or do personal tasks for editors. 

9. Be introduced to all contacts who could provide employment upon completion of internship

10. Never be lied to.  All details of the internship (including potential employment opportunities or lack thereof shall be disclosed during interview)

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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  1. my girlfriend has a feisty lawyer step-father who could probably draft a mean version of this!




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