Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "Informational" Interview

Hi girls! Ophelia - I can't beleive it!! How funny! And how times have changed...what was once perceived as "volunteering" is today's "unpaid internship" almost every national newspaper has written about this week! Welcome to the 21st century ladies!!

Rose, how's the interviewing going? Interestingly enough, as you pass behind the "interviewers" desk, I've been passing in front of it...well only once so far...and trust me...nothing fabulous...

On the contrary...I had gotten my hopes up all weekend about this Monday @ noon "informational" meeting (what does that even mean!!) with a very senior individual who I had worked with a few years back... only to be...well...faced with the reality of hearing: "it's still a tough market out there", "we're only now starting to peer out of the red zone", "I'm sure in two years time things will be back to normal, but by then I'm sure you'll be in a great position!"... A lot of chatter...a lot of bla bla bla...but let me tell you, no concrete help.

Ok, so I wasn't expecting him to make me a job offer right then and there - I am indeed a crazy person, but not that naively crazy! I guess I was expecting perhaps a few recommendations, some guidance, (maybe some contacts?? hehe!), and perhaps a more positive outlook on his behalf.

On the whole, however, I'm very grateful that he even agreed to meet with me - I've learned that few are those who actually respond to young graduates, let alone invite them for a meeting. Simply being invited into his beautiful UES townhouse, wood-paneled, impressionist painting adorned office was a trip in itself! My oh I wish to one day have such an office! Monets, Picassos, Bonards...all hanging if in a museum...How spectacular, how magical...what an inspirational place (perhaps I could have freshened up my cover letters...inspired in this room!!).

It seems that not only am now going to have to work my but off towards "Eternal Employment"...but how nice would it be to couple "Eternal Employment" with an "Eternally Generous Salary"...ahhhhhhhh the joysssss!!! Perhaps un jour...

But for now I must simply focus on one thing: Eternal Employment!!

Girls I must jet...I'm going to polish off a cover seems as though I spend hours writing them, re-reading them, and again re-reading them....ahhhh la vie!

Hasta pronto chicas!

Flora xoxo

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  1. I've been there and I hear you!! Frustrating for sure but have to try to see that 'silver lining'. Hard to stay positive all the time!



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