Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Original Eternal Intern

Hello darling girls,
I hope you're both enjoying the weekend. I have a fabulous story I just have to share!  This afternoon, I met an original Eternal Intern!  This woman was an Eternal Intern before our parents were even born!  Earlier today, the boyfriend and I went to a tea party hosted by our friends Norman and Sandra.  As always, there was a fabulous mix of young and old, french and foreign, employed and.... me, the sole intern in the bunch!  I always meet the most fascinating people who share incredible stories of world travels, parties and incredible jobs!  I am always so inspired when I leave!  Well, I mingled and chatted and eventually ended up talking to the most amazing 80-year old woman I have ever met!  It sounds crazy, but we had so much in common that it was like chatting with you girls!  haha!  Mrs.  Joyce Connoly was a true inspiration who gave me advice that she followed in the 1950s that is still so relevant today!

Joyce is originally from New York City.  Through what she called "a hefty dose of luck" she scored a spot at Vogue (!!) as a copy editor.  She told me incredible tales of Vogue days, from intimidating meetings in the enormous office of editor in chief Jessica Daves to run-ins with "The White Russian," an opinionated and difficult male editor.  After a 5-year stint, Joyce decided she needed a break and wanted to travel.  She boarded a ship to Europe (how incredibly romantic!) where she met the man she would eventually marry (even more romantic!)!  They traveled around Europe before marrying and settling in Toronto.  Apparently Mr. Connoly ("a dashingly handsome smooth talker") convinced Joyce that Toronto was a booming metropolis where she would settle in perfectly and find a fabulous job.  She was sadly disappointed by what she called "a provincial town where you couldn't get a drink on Sunday!" (Now you see why I am obsessed with this woman!).  After trying on several jobs that didn't fit, she decided to try her hand at PR as it was similar to what she was used to at Vogue.  With little PR experience, Joyce decided to "volunteer" (aka INTERN!!) at several Toronto-based PR companies to get her foot in the door.  She made numerous connections and eventually scored her dream job.  I mean, could she be any more amazing?  She is the original Eternal Intern!

After a difficult week at work (more on that later!), I was a little down on interning and starting to feel like it would never pay off.  Well, Joyce has given me hope!  Like she said, flexibility, creativity and persistence and it will all pay off in the end!  The key, she explained, is to not box yourself in.  We have to be young, be flexible and be open to new opportunities and ideas!  It sounds so obvious but I often lose sight of that basic concept!  Anyway, Joyce went on to raise three children in Toronto before she and Mr. Connoly retired in Paris.  Imagine that, a job at Vogue, a career in PR, a long-lasting marriage and retiring in Paris!

As you can see, I am a huge fan of one of the original Eternal Interns!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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  1. what a great story! that would have taken quite a bit of courage in those days!




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