Friday, April 16, 2010

Just another day...

Dearest Eternal Interns,

My job comes with a few perks:  Screenings, a tiny bit of travel, and exposure to all sorts of A-list talent... BUT... when my boss let me  house sit for him the last couple of days while he was out of town (AGAIN)... I thought I had won the jackpot! 

In my language there is a saying that pretty much translates to.... it doesn't suit a donkey to eat pomegranate!  I would be the donkey in this analogy and the mansion in Malibu would be the pomegranate...

The following is a true story:

I was laying by the pool in my shorts and bikini top... wasn't really in the mood to wear my full bathing suit as I had no intention of going swimming...
I decided to invite a girlfriend over to enjoy the beautiful house with me and plus we were due for a catch up.  So we did just that... we lay by the pool, munched on a bag of almonds, and chatted away...

You can imagine how thirsty one would get after a handful of almonds... so I went inside the house to get some refreshments and on my way out I played with the golden Labrador for a moment.... the dog got so excited.... he decided to follow me... BUT he is not allowed within a certain perimeter of the pool.... because he will undoubtedly jump in! And of course, despite my yelling and instruction, the dog pushed past me and...  SPLASH!!!!

The dog jumped into the pool and was doing laps, not to mention having the time of his life!
 " Lucky OUT!  Lucky out... come on Lucky.  No! No! Lucky No!"

All of a sudden,  it was like the dog understood exactly what I was saying and decided to get out of the pool.  Unfortunately for me, it was from the deep end!  Desperate to latch onto anything that might help him out, the dog held onto my towel with the bag of almonds and my Blackberry on it!
He took it with him across the pool.... at first the towel floated... there was hope... but midway across the pool it sank and took my Blackberry with it... of course the almonds did not sink and floated all over the pool! 

I had no choice but to jump in, without a bathing suit, and assisted the dog (that weighs as much as I do) out from the shallow end... then tried to collect as many of the almonds and humanly possible.... and of course watched my Blackberry vibrate to its death!

I am traumatized, but must get through the next few hours so I can mourn the death of my dear friend (my blackberry) over the weekend.  Just another day in the life of an Eternal Intern.

xxx Rose

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  1. Dude. That's harsh!!! Did you tell your boss? Are they gonna compensate you for the phone? I really think they should ... injury in the line of duty! Cause those BB's don't come cheap either.

    RIP Rose's dear Blackberry! On a plus, if you didn't already, now you can get a BOLD!!



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