Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Rose Production

Flora, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your email!  What a response.  Love it!

Small change of plans for my long awaited vacation ... P and I decided to rent a beach house in Orange County for 3 weeks, instead of
our cross-country road trip.  We figured that with the money we would be spending on the drive, we can relax in a beautiful house just steps away from the beach... and neither of us will have to drive!

The new plan is perfect because now I am going to have dedicated time away from the stresses that arise from an Eternal Interns life, to just relax with my adorable boyfriend
(with whom I haven’t had a day off for about a year because he works weekends!),  and also really get into finishing my script.

As an assistant to a producer, I pretty much spend 15 hours a day just organizing every aspect of his life, and besides learning how he likes to handle business through rolling calls, I am always way  too tired to spend my weekends trying to better myself or advancing my knowledge of such things as story development.

I find the mentality of frowning on gaps on resumes so mind-boggling.   I definitely need some time to catch up and educate myself about a few things in my industry!  I desperately need to catch up on all the new players, not to mention my list of 500 movies that I need to watch, and the 50 scripts that I need to read asap!

Maybe I should just include on my resume that I had a
Story Development Internship at ROSE Productions.  Ha! That’s actually not a bad idea....



  1. Gaps on resumes are a good thing! It's a sign that you are making time to better yourself, rather than working yourself to the bone to make other people look better... :)

  2. You could be like Richard Gere ... quit acting to go live in a monastery in Tibet. Though I realize you're not Richard Gere and probably won't immediately get cast in an Oscar winning film (i.e.: Chicago) as soon as you return. Also, you're not an actor so not exactly a great analogy, but talk about a gap in the resume.

    As for the beach. Rock on! Pack 5 bikinis, shorts and tees, some flip flops and books and dvds and more books and more dvds!!!! That is the perfect vaca.



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