Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dirty Shame

Hello my darling interns,
Rose, is there a room for me in this fab beach house?  Flora, you are too funny!  A lady never reveals her salary!  haha!

I've had a pretty uneventful week... until last night!  Last week, I got an email out of the blue from an old friend.  I use the term "friend" loosely as I haven't seen or heard from the guy since high school!  So you can understand my shock when he emailed saying he was in Paris and wanted to have dinner.  I hesitated at first, but I must admit that I was curious and was sure he would have some fabulous Eternal Employment tales to both motivate and irritate me!  B. was always a star!  No one was surprised when he was accepted to Harvard or when he was offered a ridiculously well-paid job at some suit and tie, fancy pants company in Boston.  He was primed for success and nothing could stand in his way... or so I thought!

In typical B fashion, he insisted on having dinner at Brasserie Lipp.  Fearing that my Eternal Intern status would make me a pariah in B's eyes, I tried to at least dress like the successful young woman I aspire to be.  I arrived at dinner a few minutes late and the maitre d' informed me that my party had already arrived.  As B. stood to greet me, I almost fainted!  Instead of the $5000 italian suits I saw plastered over Facebook,  he was wearing dirty sweatpants and a t-shirt with the F word on it!  There was nothing Harvard-grad-fancy-Boston-job about him!  He was a bum!

Long story short, B. lost his amazing job a few years ago and has since been living off of his impressive severance package.  Sure, it's perfectly normal to enjoy the time off after leaving such a stressful job.  Like any normal 20-something, he traveled the world, but once back in New York, he decided that work was overrated and he was going to retire.  Retire?!  Along with his two "best buds" B. is now a "professional Frat Boy!"   He works in a cafe on his street and parties every night.  He and his "buds" have perfected the "keg stand" and they are training for the "shot-athon" (A marathon of tequila shots!)!  B. actually bragged about waking up at 3pm, blacking out every night and he showed me his beer-belly... at Lipp!

Again, I really shouldn't judge, but I was so pissed to see someone wasting such potential.  He had the world at his fingertips and he threw it all away.  At first I was concerned, but he assured me (very eloquently) that he "just doesn't give a f*ck!" Apparently all you need in life is "booze, broads and buds"!  I couldn't help but think of the Eternal Interns who want nothing more than to find the dream job and you have people like B. who take it all for granted!  B. and I agreed to disagree, but I'm pretty sure I'll never hear from him again...

What a shame!

Bisous x x x  Ophelia



  1. Wow. It sounds like a bad dream, and yet, what better inspiration to keep you vital! All the best, O!

  2. Ew, I hate boys who can't grow up. I can understand wanting to make the most of life instead of working it away, but the eternal frat boy is not attractive at all.

  3. I feel you Ophelia. I'm an eternal intern myself- I'd die to get into a starting post.
    Yes, let us not judge, to each his own, though I know some people who are like your friend. I'll stop there.



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