Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Tear Jerker Batman :'(

I just finished watching the epic LOST finale on the west coast and I pretty much spend the entire 2.5 hours crying.  Usually once I start I can't stop and why should tonight have been any different?!

I had a lot of emotions that I had bottled up inside for a while and P allowed me to let it all out.  I don't like saying goodbye to things, and I think that is why I  got so upset tonight.  I was emotionally invested in these characters and saying goodbye to them brought back memories of leaving family and friends... and if I am honest with myself... I am a little home sick.

I just wanted to reach out and let you guys know that I cherish our friendship, and I really hope that soon we are all stable enough in all aspects of our lives, to be able to create a routine of seeing each other more often.  I miss you guys like crazy and it has been tough being an Eternal Intern without my dearest friends by my side.  Thanks goodness for email!

Thinking about you

xxx Rose

p.s.  I have one more week left on my vacation so you might not hear from me until I am back in the City of Angeles.

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