Monday, May 24, 2010

An Eternal Entrepreneur?

Haha Rose, I tried to get hooked to Lost, but I really never got sucked into just seems like such a random show!! I read an article a while ago, about how it's a show that really doesn't make any sense at would think there's an incredible story line behind it with a strong message to pass and story writers scratching their heads for incredible inspiration for upcoming episodes...but apparently it's anything but that!! It's just their random thoughts/ideas thrown into what we know as "Lost"! Haha, I'll try to find the article for you...

So how's vacation though?? What are you going to be doing now that your latest internship is over?? Are you "Eternal Employment" hunting?

My employment hunt has stagnated a, I'm definitely not stopping (I can't!!), but I've been so busy the past while (reason for my MIAness...) that I haven't been able to focus 100% on it!

My head has been spinning recently with the upcoming "novio" soon-to-be singleness on this side of the continent (well metaphorically speaking...)...endless problems with my hole in the wall studio (one problem after another...when it's not the water line, it's a prob with'd think I was living in the middle of the forest!! not the UES!)...and endless reminiscing from last weekend's rooftop apero conversation with C's entrepreneurial boyfriend...

Business ideas are spinning through my mind (as they always seem to!) and I can't seem to shut them up...I've always been an entrepreneurial person, and I'm starting to think that maybe unleashing my wild creative, business, innovative persona may be a good thing!! C's boyfriend totally inspired me, and proved to me how one really can follow their passion on the side line. You can have a career and a business too. And who knows...perhaps one day that passion can become one's full-time job. Since I've got a few ideas in mind why not give it a shot? Whether it works or not, this type of adventure can only bring one additional incredible outstanding opportunity.

What do you girls think?? Am I crazy to embark on yet another adventure?? Eternal interning, eternal employment hunting and starting my own business??

Must run I crazy???



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