Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Alive!

Home sweet home!  I missed Hollywood. We just got back last night and today I went for a wonderful sushi lunch with some friends in Studio City.  Normally I stick to a lunch combination with maybe a spicy tuna roll and some sort of crunch roll or a simple sashimi.  Today, however, my friend got an order of sea urchin for us all to try.  Apparently sea urchin sashimi is kind of a delicacy.  The waiter told us it was live and I guess that is as fresh as you can get them...

I still have no idea how the chef was able to grip the creature without injuring his hand.  I also had no idea that when a sea urchin is killed, it basically takes some time for it to completely stop moving and so when the plate was brought over with the sashimi laid on top of the body, the spikes were still moving!  The combination of the mushy orange insides and the dying creature on my plate was enough to kill any appetite I had!  haha!  Call me crazy... but I like my food dead when it is presented to me!

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know I am back and well.  My vacation was stupendous!  I am all caught up on sleep and I am 90% done my first feature screenplay.  Now it is time to start thinking about what my next gig will be.  I have been thinking a lot about getting my feet wet on set for an unscripted/ reality television.  Tomorrow I will start looking at all the PA/intern postings and contact some of my friends to see if they have heard of anything.  

Back to the grind!  Good to be back!

xxx Rose

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