Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Melting Away

Eternal Interns! Donde estan??

Rose I'm thrilled your back but send more news! Ophelia has clearmy gone MIA on us...I've tried to reach her a few times but in vain! I'm sightly worried...I know she was having apt issues - I'm just hoping she's not on the streets of Paris eating her daily croissant....

As for me chiquitas I'm writting from work! I know I shouldn't but things have been quite calm here lately, so I'm thinking why not! Every time someone passes behind my comp though, I quickly switch my screen from gmail to Outlook...hahaha trying to appear as though I'm thoroughly concentrated!

So yes, quite calm....with the arrival of summer...and the soon-to-be end of this internship! NY has finally welcomed the steamy, sticky, hyperly-humid weather that is emblematic of a Big Apple verano...And ironically I am now missing the cold winter days when my heater wasn't working!! If I get a job this summer one investment I will make without a doubt = air conditioning!!!

Yes oh yes...air conditionning!! The one essential gem of a NY summer...Long gone are the days back at mum and dad's with air conditioning delux...que pena!!!! Welcome: cold showers at 2am....frozen water bottles placed under my pillow...the noise of a K-Mart fan all night....and open windows day in and day out!!

I'm sure the same is the case for Paris....L.A must be equiped....

For now though I'm trying to stay as late at possible at work.....or at the movies....or in an air conditioned long as possible under cool air.....


Will keep you guys updated on my melting!!

Flora xoxo

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