Monday, May 17, 2010

Melting Away...

Yes! I am enjoying the ocean breeze as I write this!  I feel like mush lately!  I am a little sun burnt, a little thinner, and a whole lot more relaxed.  P and I are definitely making up for lost time.  We hadn't had a day off together for about a year and now we are spending 24/7 together in beautiful SoCal with absolutely NO distractions!  I literally haven't worn anything except a bikini for about 5 days and have no intention of doing so for the remainder of my stay here!  I definitely need to retire into a beach home in Malibu...

Besides working on my script, I have been putting together a couple of story ideas to keep my juices flowing!  It is a great exercise for a 'writer' ( I dare not bestow upon myself the title until I have actually received some acclaim for my work) to try to find a concept in every day life.  I must sound like a hobo, but what can I say... I'm feeling inspired!

I have also booked lunches/work drinks with everyone I have ever spoken to, for when I am back from vacation. Like you always say Flora, network and network and then network some more ;)

That's it from me...  

xxx Rose

P.S. I have applied for an incredible PAID internship experience in London, England!  Fingers crossed.


  1. What will you do with your time off? Have you got any plans before your vacation?

  2. LOL. sorry if it wasn't clear... I am already on my beach house vacation!
    Don't have plans as of yet for after my vacation, but for now I am just concentrating on relaxing.



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