Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Encounter of the Third Kind

I just ran into my ex-fling on the beach!  We had only hooked up a couple of times when I interned on a TV show years ago... but I can't deny that we had the most intense chemistry that I have ever felt in my life!

I was just coming back to the house, after dipping my feet into the ice cold Pacific, and there he was... carrying his surfboard across the beach!

Being the spazz that I am, I was totally content with ignoring him... but he noticed me after I screamed in terror when a bee came buzzing around!  NO JOKE!  This actually happened.

Background story:  The ex-fling and I me during our intern days.  I was there a couple of weeks before his internship ended, and he had the pleasure of training me.  (We shared numerous moments of the coffee runs you love so much, Ophelia.)  He was super sweet, but after a couple of incredible days together, he moved to San Francisco and I never heard from him again.  I was truly heart broken at the time, but we could have never worked out... He HATED Lord Of The Rings!  Enough said!

Anyway, after he moved and decided to ignore my texts and emails, I decided to get my revenge and DE-friended him on Facebook!  I guess that is our generation's way of telling someone to 'piss off!'

Our encounter was highly unpleasant until P Came out and introduced himself and saved me from the hell of the Land of Ex-es!  Phew...

Crisis diverted... now back to my vacation.


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