Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Date With Kong

Wow!  I don't hear from you guys for a couple of weeks and then SHAZAM!  Congrats to you both for your new gigs!  Now I am the one that is twiddling thumbs in between internships.  I am still waiting for a start date for my new job on set.... you never know with these people.  I was supposed to start last Friday, but now it seems like next Monday is to be my official date.

So what am I doing with my free time? Editing, editing, and editing some more!  I am rewriting most of my script... AGAIN!  I had a friend in the industry read it and they gave it back to me with an abundance of notes.  I am not complaining, because it is these notes and criticisms that are going to push me to have the best possible product!  Then, maybe, I will have the nerve to send it around.  I suspect another year of work ahead of me.  If I could do this as a full-time paid job I would be done within a few months, but with the life of An Eternal Intern, a year of editing and reworking is my reality.

Tomorrow, however, I am playing hookie with my boyfriend and escaping to experience Peter Jackson's NEW 3D King Kong ride at Universal Studios!  Firstly, Peter Jackson is my hero!  Secondly, it has been a decade since the last time I went to Universal Studios! ...  Third.... I get to spend a beautiful day with P. at a theme-park!  Enough said.  It is going to be undoubtedly glorious and I will most definitely send you guys pictures throughout the day.

Congrats again on your fabulosity!  Keep it real ;)

xxx Rose

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