Saturday, July 10, 2010

Broke = Bored = Rose

Happy Weekend!  I just came back from the movies... no need to even ask... anyone who knows me knows that I OF COURSE went to see Predators!  I am a huge fan of the original and although this one is not as fresh, it definitely does not disappoint. 

My mood changed drastically when I came home to check my account balance... I have $6.78 in my checking!

Being on budget certainly puts a cap on how exciting life can be, and that is why I have been totally bored this past week. I have tried to keep busy and arrange work drinks... but having friends and networking costs major $$$.  So not only am I broke, but it has also led to boredom!
I have a couple of days left and then I am back to the grind.  Quite frankly,  it cannot come soon enough!  I know I will be eating these words come next Friday, but right about now I would rather drive around pompous producers and take care of their pets/children and earn a little bit of dough. 

Sending you love from Hollywood.
xxx Rose


  1. Being broke is one of the hardest thing about being an intern, especially when you do it in industry where everyone else seems to be buying ridiculously expensive clothes and holidays.

    Saw Predators and I really liked it too

  2. You said it. And it just so happens that the industries we are trying so hard to break into happen to be based in the most expensive cities in the world! Ha! Good luck to us all :)
    xxx Rose



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